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Carlson Recognized With Longevity Award

Reinke has recognized Chadd Carlson with Carlson Irrigation in Shickley with a 10-year PLUS Program Longevity Award. Carlson received the award in recognition of his dedication to maintaining a PLUS Program certification for 10 years.
“Committing to the Reinke PLUS Program also shows a commitment to the growers that our dealers serve,” said Reinke Service Training Administrator Jennifer Craig. “To maintain this certification for 10 years is a huge accomplishment. Reinke is proud to honor the dedication shown by these individuals.”
The Reinke PLUS (Proven Leaders in Unmatched Service) Program is a service training coursework that’s offered to full-service Reinke dealers. The program includes a series of six service training courses and a testing process to qualify as a PLUS or Platinum PLUS certified technician.
To maintain certification, 16 service training credits must be earned each year either through online or in-class training. Certified Reinke PLUS technicians are trained to deliver the most advanced technical service and support to customers.