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E-M, B-D, Shickley At ACTIONS DAY

About 700 students from 26 high schools participated in ACTIONS Day on March 15, at Central Community College-Hastings.
ACTIONS, which stands for “Academic Competition That Inspires Our Nation’s Scholars,” featured exams in 40 areas. Each student took at least two exams. Trophies were awarded to the students who placed in the top five in each area.
Participating high schools were Adams Central in Hastings, Alma, Blue Hill, Bruning-Chambers, Davenport, Doniphan-Trumbull, Dorchester, Exeter-Milligan, Franklin, Gibbon, Harvard, Kenesaw, Lawrence-Nelson, Loomis, McCool Junction, Meridian in Daykin, Red Cloud, Sandy Creek in Fairfield, Shelton, Shickley, ­St. Cecilia in Hastings, Superior, Sutton, Thayer Central in Hebron, Wilcox-Hildreth and Wood River.
Local Results were:
Abbreviations– 4th: Samantha Horne, Exeter-Milligan.
Agriculture–3rd: John Alfs, Shickley.
Algebra 1–5th: Jackson Grote, Shickley.
American Geography– 5th: Caitlin Murphy, Exeter-Milligan; 7th: Caden Norder, Bruning-Davenport; 8th: John Christensen, Bruning-Davenport; 9th: Isaac Else, Bruning-Davenport; 10th: Trever Zelenka. Exeter-Milligan.
American Government–1st: Brett Holtzen, Bruning-Davenport.
American History–10th: John Alfs, Shickley.
Anatomy–3rd: Courtney Kamler, Shickley.  
English 1–4th:  Ashley Benorden, Exeter-Milligan.
Family and Consumer Science–2nd: Ella Wilkins, Exeter-Milligan.
Genetics–4th:  Ella Wilkins, Exeter-Milligan.
Health–7th: Courtney Kamler, Shickley. 8th: Ella Wilkins, Exeter-Milligan. 9th: Cloe Austin, Exeter-Milligan.
Music–1st: Caitlin Murphy, Exeter-Milligan; 10th: Haylee Sheffield, Exeter-Milligan.
Nicknames–6th: Kate Jansky, Exeter-Milligan; 9th: Kelsey Bigelow, Exeter-Milligan;10th:John Christensen, Bruning-Davenport.
Potpourri–7th: Trystan Brandt, Exeter-Milligan.
Solar System–3rd: Trevor Luzum, Exeter-Milligan. 4th: Mitchell Manning, Exeter-Milligan.
Spelling–3rd: Courtney Kamler, Shickley; 9th: Kelsey Bigelow, Exeter-Milligan.             
Syllabication–3rd: Alexis Uldrich, Exeter-Milligan.
Trigonometry–1st: Brett Holtzen, Bruning-Davenport; 8th: Megan Grote, Shickley.
U.S. Presidents–5th: Hailey Luzum, Exeter-Milligan.
Vocabulary–6th: Kaitlyn Vavra, Exeter-Milligan.
Word Problems–6th: Megan Grote, Shickley.
World Geography–7th: Joel Klemm, Exeter-Milligan.
World History–10th: Brett Holtzen, Bruning-Davenport.