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Centralized mailboxes installed in Strang

Signal Editor

During the month of March, postal customers inside the Village of Strang were notified that operations at the Strang Post Office were being suspended. On March 31, the Strang CPO no longer provided United States Postal Service (USPS) retail products or services in Strang.
“The contract was terminated by the contractor with the Postal Service despite the lack of sufficient notice per the contract’s guidelines,” said Brian Sperry, USPS regional spokesman. “USPS will not be reissuing a new contract for Strang.”
Mail service is continuing in Strang through centralized mailboxes located outside the building that housed the contract post office on main street, Sperry said. Delivery is now provided in Strang by a rural carrier, also known as a Post Office on Wheels, who will be available to provide stamps and accept packages for shipment. Sperry also noted that stamps will still be available for purchase at the local cafe and full postal retail services are available at the nearby Geneva Post Office. The phone number at the Geneva Post Office is 402-759-3317.
“It’s important to note that our customers don’t have to visit a post office to conduct most transactions,” Sperry said. Other options Sperry mentioned included Stamps By Mail, Stamps By Phone or visiting the USPS website at
The fact that the USPS has seemingly quit looking for a new contractor to operate the post office in Strang came as news to Strang Mayor LoNeal Beck.
“Last I heard was they were looking for a new person to run the post office,” Beck said. “We want a post office here.  We don’t want it closed.”
Beck said the tiny Fillmore County Village has fought to keep its post office open before and currently has contacted an attorney to look into the situation. She said there is also people willing to work at the post office if it remains open.
“We hired a lawyer,” Beck said.  “We don’t like the way it’s being handled. We’ve had to fight it in the past...we don’t want to lose it.”
She also noted there’s about two dozen postal customers in Strang—customers who like to go into the post office and buy stamps, mail packages, etc. Beck noted the Strang Village Board will be meeting on Monday (April 17) and the current post office situation will be discussed at the meeting.
“We don’t like those post offices outside,” Beck said. “You just lose something when you can’t go in and talk and take care of business.”
Julie Dunker, who operates Bubba’s Anytime Cafe in Strang along with husband Chris, and who has subbed at the Strang Post Office, said she has heard several Strang residents complain about the closing and the short-term notice they received. She said, they have also commented about the different hours for mail delivery and on other postal operations.
“We lose our school..we lose our post office...we’ve just lost another thing,” Dunker said. “It’s hard to come back from that. It also makes it much harder for the businesses still here.”