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Shickley School Notes

Pi Day
By Mrs. Snyder
Pi Day was celebrated at Shickley Public School on March 14. Pi is an irrational number that comes from dividing a circle’s circumference by its diameter. A common approximation for this number is 3.14.
Three groups of students made awesome videos. They can be found on YouTube by searching Sandi Snyder and choosing the fifth one down the list.
Three students recited the digits of pi. Kaylee Noel was the winner. She recited 50 digits from memory.
Two students brought circular cookies to celebrate.
On March 14 and March 30, students who participate in the agriculture and healthcare Southeast Nebraska Career Academy Program (SENCAP) had the opportunity to participate in a Big Event Day.  At the Big Event Day, each student was able to engage in activities directly related to their chosen careers such as welding or constructing a product, and in a mock interview where they were expected to have a resume, cover letter, and other required material. The students who participated in these two events were John Alfs, Kale Kleinschmidt, Thomas Mick, Holden Stengel, Jacob Swartzendruber, Courtney Kamler and Kellen Reinsch.
 Leadership Summit
On March 22, the Shickley  student council attended the Student Council Leadership Summit in Lincoln. The summit was designed to teach the students leadership skills in their schools and communities and how to be advocates for their fellow classmates.
Blood Drvie
On March 17, Shickley Public School held their fifth annual blood drive. The Red Cross’s theme to their blood drives this year is “Hope begins with you.”
At the blood drive, the National Honor Society gave hope by providing the personnel needed to load and unload the equipment and staff the registration table. 52 people, including eight students and 13 staff members, chose to stand out on Friday by donating 54 total units of blood. This helped Shickley to meet the Red Cross goal for the drive of 40 and the minimum goal of 35 units, which qualifies the school for a $250 scholarship for one senior from the Red Cross.
The Shickley Public School blood drive is one of three held each year in Shickley, with the others being held in the fall and in the summer. Shickley Public School is proud to be a part of this rotation and proud to have chosen to give hope to those who need it.