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Heritage Holds Over 90 Celebration

What a fantastic day when staff, residents, and families can celebrate the lives of elders that are 90 years old, or older. Residents at Heritage Crossings had the privilege of doing just that on March 18. Festivities began with a social hour, at which time a delicious lime poke cake, lime punch, coffee and tea was served. The chapel opened out to accommodate a large group of folks at the program to honor the residents and no one was disappointed at the turnout.
Heritage Crossings had the privilege of honoring 22 skilled nursing home residents and 11 assisted living residents. They love to look back at the “good old days” when times were simpler, the world seemed much smaller, families were closer and always there for one another. This is not to say those times were always easy, as most of that folks have lived through some tough times that people cannot even begin to fathom. It is difficult to condense 90 plus years of living into a short three to five minute summary for each of the folks, but as they review the many things that have happened over the years,  it never ceases to amaze us what unique lives they have lived. If you did not already have it, you begin to develop a deep respect for the many struggles, hard times, and disappointments that the residents have tucked away deep in their history and memories. Through faith, perseverance, and the strong support of family and friends, they overcame many obstacles and in turn became stronger people.
Heritage Crossings oldest resident, Lois McDaniel, is almost 100 years of age. She’ll be celebrating that milestone birthday in May and continues to reside in the assisted living facility. Wilma Anderson from Shickley is the oldest resident in the skilled nursing home and it is not unusual to see her heading out for meals on her own (or an afternoon ice cream cone in the café area), with only a wheeled walker to assist her. Some of the folks have had to quit school after the sixth or eighth grade to assist their families at home.
Eight of the residents were fortunate to go to college for a few years, or even get a college degree. Many of the ladies were teachers after taking “Normal Training” in high school which prepared them to teach. Usually after getting married, they quit teaching, some by choice and others because they were not allowed to teach after being married. Then there are two residents (Dorothy Yaeger and Audrey Nichols) who both worked for a time in Washington, D.C., in the Pentagon, which seems like quite a feat “way back when.” Of course, there were the farm wives who worked side by side with their husbands helping with chores, field work, trucking grain and even “shocking wheat.” Several of the ladies played softball for years, while some of the gentlemen did not have any sports in high school available to them.
Heritage Crossings is very proud of the five gentlemen who served their country in the Army and the  Navy and grateful to their wives who waited at home or did volunteer work to assist those who needed it during those times.
There were four married couples with one or more spouses over 90 and of those, three of the couples lost their first spouse to death and found a second mate to spend the rest of their days with. What a blessing and such a wonderful example for building lifelong relationships that are meaningful and rewarding.
Of course, there was the usual frivolities that add excitement to the day and lots of “singing," one of the favorite past times at Heritage, the good old songs for some very grand people. What a wonderful day it was.