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On-Farm Research

By Brandy

On-Farm Research
One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had the chance to participate in is on-farm research. Although my role has switched to working mostly with youth, if there is a farmer thinking about testing out a product or practice, I’d be happy to assist or facilitate the process. This week, I’ve included a summary of on-farm research opportunities for this year from Laura Thompson, Extension Educator focused in on-farm research.
The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network (NOFRN) has several opportunities this year. A new cover crop study is evaluating corn CRM hybrids for improving cover crop establishment. The study would identify the actual on-farm yield of four comparative relative maturity (CRM) corn hybrids. For more information about this study, see the protocol on CropWatch.
The other study for which NOFRN is still seeking participants is designed in cooperation with industry to evaluate the effects of Agnition Commence Seed Treatment on corn. In addition to these studies, growers are invited to work with the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network to develop new studies or conduct an existing protocol to answer questions they were considering for their farm.
The NOFRN provides an opportunity for farmers to test a variety of products and practices, including planting population, irrigation rates, nitrogen management decision tools, seed treatments, and biological products.  View more details about each study in their research protocols. New study opportunities will be posted throughout May on UNL’s CropWatch website, so check frequently for more options to get involved.  Additionally, you are not limited to the topics presented on CropWatch.  If you have another research topic in mind, Nebraska Extension cropping systems educators will work with you to design a study and address the questions that matters to you.
      Please contact Laura Thompson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 402-472-8043, or Keith Glewen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 402-624-8005, if you are interested in participating in this or other research studies or I can assist in getting you connected with the right Extension faculty member.
The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is sponsored by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in partnership with the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Soybean Checkoff Board, and the Dry Bean Commission. The goal of the network is to put to use a statewide on-farm research program addressing critical farmer production, profitability, and natural resources questions.