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Genealogical Society Notes-Fillmore County

On June 5, the Fillmore County Genealogical Society met at the Geneva Public Library.
Carol called the meeting to order. Janet read the minutes and gave the treasurer's report with both being declared approved as presented. There were no bills or correspondence.
Gertrude will continue to pursue some form of recognition for Charles Grote. The framed tribute to Rose Marie Hulse was completed and will be placed on the north wall. Gertrude was thanked for her dedication to this project.
Rose Marie had compiled a list of various guardianships that Carol is putting into typed form.
The society welcomed Joseph Chapman to the meeting and appreciated his help during the workshop.
The date of the next meeting was discussed since holiday activities will be taking place on the first Monday of July. It was agreed that the society will have the next meeting on July 10 at 2 p.m., at the Geneva Public Library.
During the workshop, some donated obituaries were sorted and checked to see if any were already in our obituary collection.