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Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,
My family, friends and I would like to thank the lovely city of Geneva for your hospitality during the Great American Eclipse of Monday, August 21, 2017.
Friends we were traveling with randomly chose a town in the “totality” zone to watch the moon overtake the sun, and lucky for us they chose Geneva. We’re so glad they did! Your town rolled out the red carpet for us, and we will never forget it.
We thank the public library (and taxpayers) first and foremost for handing out eclipse-safe glasses for us all. We had a few but would’ve had to share. Also thanks for the maps of the city’s restaurants and stores.
We also enjoyed the eclipse “hub” the library set up, showing the Polish documentarians’ work and providing other information.
Along with the hospitality, we also loved the Carnegie Library building and Geneva’s beautiful and historic courthouse. The addition your community paid for to expand the library is beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Great natural light.
We also want to thank the library for opening their doors—and their restrooms, with prominent signs pointing to them.
Chatting with an older couple passing by, I asked if they thought the clouds would clear in time. “Oh, it will,” the man assured me.
Of course he was right.
I credit the friendly people from Geneva.
Did you see it? The haze and the cloudy skies cleared up, just in time for us to see—through our library-bestowed glasses—the moon elbow its way in front of the sun. Within an hour, the sky turned dark and the sun dipped behind the moon. To the west, it looked like late twilight. You could see the outline of our sun behind the moon, its corona flaring. People threw off their protective glasses and up and down G Street—and all over southeast Nebraska, I’m sure—people whooped and hollered, “OH, WOW!” That will be my enduring memory.  
Our 12-year-old said it was the best thing he’d seen in this life.
In your town that day, we saw license plates from New York, Ontario, California, New Mexico and more. We met eclipse-watchers from Kansas—including a Wichita couple who got married that day—Oklahoma, and from Minnesota like us, including somebody who had the exact same tannish-grayish 2008 Honda Civic we have. Go figure.
We shared photos with folks from Kansas and Oklahoma, and two sisters from Fargo and Washington state.
One last thing: We stayed the night in Omaha and pulled into Geneva about an hour before the eclipse, so sadly we missed all the main street restaurants in time for lunch. Fortunately, the Sisters Cafe was still open after all the hubbub. There we had perfect BLTs, fried corn balls and even a little fun with the saucy woman in charge who, when told she should have an eclipse every day so she could have overflow customers, said, “H—no. And h—no!” You probably know who I’m talking about. Awesome.
Sure, Bee-AT-rice, Nebraska, had NASA and Bill Nye the Science Guy, but they had a giant mob. We all had each other in Geneva.
A big thank you to you all!
Lisa Legge,