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National Leadership Conference

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) brought more than 7,500 of its student leaders, members and advisers to Nashville, Tenn., July 2-6 to participate in its National Leadership Conference. Nebraska was well represented by more than 250 students, advisers and guests.
The conference provided opportunities for students and advisers to come together to learn about new initiatives in the organization, hear from inspiring speakers, as well as to expand leadership skills, sharpen talents and explore career pathways. The theme of this year’s conference was “Unlimited Possibilities” and attendees were challenged to discover and grow their potential to make change in their local communities, schools and families. Caitlin Murphy of Exeter-Milligan School in Exeter, was among the members who took part in the STAR Event competitions at the conference.
In addition to the many learning and networking experiences offered at the conference, more than 30 Family and Consumer Sciences related events, also known as STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition).and 4,200 competitors participating. Nebraska came home with 94 Gold medals, 37 Silver Medals, and 10 Bronze medals and had multiple individuals and teams score in the top 10 nationally. Caitlin Murphy from Exeter-Milligan was awarded a Gold medal in the category of Life Event Planning. Her project “Everything for Europe.”
Caitlin selected an upcoming event in her life of participating in the Nebraska Music Ambassador’s European Tour in which she determined the amount she could budget for the event and prepare in advance an event portfolio. The portfolio consisted of the project identification page, table of content, FCCLA planning process, on-line project summary submission form, a profile of event, evidence of comparison shopping for the event, event plan which included sources, budget, products selected, quantities, unit costs and total costs, completing the portfolio was the resource summary.