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Fellowship, Delicious Food Enjoyed

By: Bonnie J. Cudaback,
Recording Secretary

The GFWC Exeter Woman’s Club met September 19, at the UCC Fellowship Hall, with 12 members present. Members brought covered dishes for the luncheon. A time of fellowship and delicious food were enjoyed. Patty DeMoss and Bonnie Cudaback were hostesses.
Our guest speaker, Joyce Votipka then told the group of the trip to Cuba that she and her two sisters had recently gone on. They left from Miami on a cruise ship and upon arriving in the country were transported by nice tour buses and good guides. She told of the history of the country. She remarked that the countryside is beautiful, but the cities are in need of repair and are not modern. She showed lots of pictures of 1950’s vintage cars, which they drive. There are statues everywhere. They were told to “tip” everyone for their services.
They visited Santiago first. She remarked it is a very musical country and had pictures of bands playing on the streets, etc. They felt very safe walking around. In Havana, the predominate religion is Catholic; however, only one-third to one-half practice it. They rented a car and got a good guide to take them around the city. It was a 1948 DeSoto convertible. One of the largest cemeteries in the world is in Havana. They never saw a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or anything of that nature. There were carts with produce on the streets. There are no guns in the country, no street people, no policemen. Schools are free and after high school the boys have to serve a year in the military. Joyce remarked she would go back to Cuba in a was thoroughly enjoyable.
Club President Cheryl Luzum called the business meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Club Collect. Cheryl introduced a new member, Rebecca Hasty. She told club members about a little history of herself. Secretary Bonnie Cudaback read the minutes of the last meeting. Correspondence was read by Patty DeMoss, which included thank-you’s from Sara Johnson of Geneva and Betty Galen of Seward, for our hosting the district workshop this summer. Patty sent 16 cards and letters since the last meeting.  
The treasurer’s report was given by Sharon Mueller. She distributed Cheerful House catalogs. Orders are due on October 10. Bonnie made a motion to approve bills. It was seconded and passed. Elaine Oldehoeft reported on the Our Family UPC project.  
Bonnie reported on the District IV workshop that our club hosted this summer. Kathy Due passed around pictures that she had taken. Kathy also reported on the tractor relay across Nebraska, which stopped in Exeter on June 6. Over 60 tractors drove into town. Our woman’s club helped serve lunch to the 74 people in the relay. Eleven members made bars for dessert and Kathy Due made 20 pounds of sloppy joe. The group was most appreciative. Our club donated monetarily to the Legion project the group endorsed: “Operation Wounded Warriors.”  
New business included the upcoming District IV convention in Seward on October 4. Cheryl passed around a sheet for members who are going to sign up and leave their money for the lunch. District IV President Kim Fisher is promoting woman’s club business cards we can carry with us, as there are many places that offer discounts if you present the card. These were passed around. Cheryl also passed a sign-up sheet for the Exeter Avenue Holiday Extravaganza.
“Make A Difference Day” will be celebrated at our next meeting and this year we will bring items to donate to the “Living Water Mission” in York. Members are to bring snacks to the meeting for lunch. Bonnie displayed the red, white and blue quilt she and Agnes Loukota made this summer. It will be given to a lady having served or is serving in the military. Karen Chapman brought a print of a picture “A Pair of Blue Eyes” by Lilla Cabot Perry, that was given  her by the Marilyn Manning family. It is from the collection of the General Federation of the GFWC, Washington, D. C. It will be placed in the  Exeter Public Library.
Sharon made a motion to adjourn, seconded and carried.