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Council decides to double chip seal 2 streets

Signal Editor

The Geneva City Council worked through a light agenda at the council's regularly-scheduled meeting last week.
Items on the November 5 agenda included:
• Geneva Mayor Rod Norrie noted that the August 2018 sales tax receipts were down for sales inside the Geneva City Limits.  A total of $53,869.57 was returned to the city—$13,534.21 less than a year ago and more than $11,000 less than the previous year.
"It tailed off a little bit," Norrie said.
• Dan Osborne presented the city council costs to level ruts, seal cracks and double chip seal R Street from old Highway 81 to new Highway 81.  This cost, including rock, was $85,999.  Osborne also presented a price to preform the same work on F Street at a cost of $28,477.
Osborne said he felt crack-sealing and double armor coating R Street would be an affective road treatment.
"There's nothing wrong with that road," he said.
Geneva City Administrator Kyle Svec said he could see the double-armour coating buying the city five to six years on the road.
The city council voted unanimously to okay the work.
JEO Consulting Group, Inc., had provided the city council a cost estimate of $241,954.70 to mill and asphalt overlay this section of R Street at an earlier meeting.
• Svec said in his Administrator's Report city workers have been spending quite a bit of time on the city's gravel roads.
"This has been a tough fall on them," Svec said.  "We didn't put a lot of gravel down, however, as this is not the time of the year to place a lot of product on the streets."
• Svec also noted that Kopchos has increased the cost on the city's recyclable roll-off from $44 per ton to $52 per ton.  The city spent $5,207.84 during the last fiscal year for this service.