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Geneva City Council notes

Signal Editor

The Geneva City Council worked through a busy agenda at the council's final meeting of 2018.
The city received some very good news recently, as it has received a $385,000 CDBG Grant to be used for the senior center portion of the proposed Geneva Community Center.  The city council approved a motion on December 17 to have SENDD work with the city on the grant paperwork.
Geneva City Council President Josh Turner told the city council that nearly $1.5 million has been raised toward the project.  He also noted that a booklet is being prepared on the community center.
"This is moving along very nicely," Turner said.  "We have an outstanding group of volunteers who are working on this to make this happen...they are just an awesome group of people to work with."
The city council also heard from Tobin Buchanan with First National Capital Markets about possible bond options with the new Geneva Fire Station.  Buchanan said his company will be working with both the city and the Geneva Rural Fire District on bonding for the project.  He also said, he feels the two separate bond issues will be used to fund the project.
Geneva City Administrator Kyle Svec said the two entities now have to come together and establish who is going to own the new fire station, insure it, maintain it, items like this.  Once this is all determined, an architect and engineer can be hired and finalized drawings can be made.  Then, the project can go out for bid and firm numbers can be given to the bonding company.
The city council was in general consensus to have Svec schedule a committee meeting with members of the rural fire board and the city council.  A resolution could be passed in January of 2019.
In another agenda item, new Geneva City Attorney David Solheim introduced himself to the city council.  Geneva Mayor Eric Kamler told the city council that in an earlier committee meeting, Solheim agreed to contract with the city for his services at a rate of $1,350 a month for a total of $16,200 for the year—a figure that falls below the budgeted amount for the coming budget year.  Solheim noted what a good deal the city has been getting for city attorney legal services, as the going rate for second class cities is $2,000 per month.
When asked by a Geneva resident at the December 17 meeting how long his law office has been providing city attorney services, Solheim responded one year.
Other meeting notes included:  Brandy VanDewalle reported the bee apiary operated well in 2018; Tim True is a new fire department member; Ashley Hughes and Chad Karcher were new mayor appointments; the city council opted against adding two new stop signs and LED streetlights are being placed inside the city limits.