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Defendant who shot gun receives ISP

By Signal Staff

A Geneva man was sentenced to probation for an incident that began with a firearm being fired inside the Geneva City Limits.
Joshua Matthew Croom Williamson, 40, was sentenced to 18 months of Intensive Supervised Probation (ISP) by Fillmore County District Court Judge Vicky Johnson on January 15.  In a plea agreement with the Fillmore County Attorney's Office and special prosecutor Ted Griess, two Class 1C and 1D felony counts of Unlawful/intentional discharge of a firearm and Use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony were reduced to Terroristic Threats, a Class 3A felony. Williamson's ISP includes DNA testing and finger printing, attending a 12-step program one time per week, completing anger management counseling and obtaining a mental health evaluation.  The defendant was also ordered to pay $155 in court costs, $90 chemical-testing fees, $10 offender assessment and $630 in probation fees.
Prior to sentencing, Williamson and his court-appointed attorney pointed out that the defendant is no longer in a relationship with the woman that prompted him to make some poor decisions on April 15, 2018. They also noted that Williamson would like to find a way to get him back to Florida and with family there and a lucrative potential job.
"I take responsibility for my recovery is super important to me...I kind of look at this as getting my life back," said Williamson prior to his sentencing.  "I'm not that guy that was picked up that day."