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Vintage Revival now open

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

For that person on your list who is hard to buy for, a specialty shop in Fillmore County, has opened that offers assistance.
Vintage Revival, a business that showcases customized and revived furniture, home décor, gifts and more opened March 2, at 526 6th Avenue, in Fairmont.  The owner is Heather Richardson.
Unique items featured at the store include: furniture, antiques, signs, candles, purses, jewelry, hats and home décor.
Richardson said it all started three years ago.
“I worked on a piece of furniture for our own home.  Friends and family said they really liked it,” Richardson said.  “After that, it all started growing.”
Richardson, originally from Fairmont, maiden name "Grant," and her husband, Josh, reside in Waco.  They, recently, began looking for a store for Heather’s creations.
“There was no building in Waco, York or McCool,” Richardson said.  “Then I was at the Red Door Studio, next door here in Fairmont, and found out this building was for sale.  We contacted the landlord, it all fell into place and we became the owners October 5, 2018.”
The couple began getting the building ready immediately—with Richardson’s Fairmont family helping whenever needed. Richardson said there was a lot to do.
“We had to build it all—the wall that was built around the door and a bathroom.  We sanded the floor, painted and preserved some ceiling tiles,” Richardson said.  “We did it all except for the heating, electrical and air.”
Richardson said there’s more than one way to revive furniture.
“First you have to prep every piece and then there’s a variety of ways to re-finish,” Richardson said.  “I like the variety of two tones and different textures.  I let my imagination go wild and create!”
Richardson said she hunts all over for furniture to revive and that not all types of wood are suitable for the process.
 “Pressed board or laminate will not work.  It has to be real wood or veneer, the older the better,” Richardson said.
The furniture Richardson offers is of a very special variety.  It ranges from farmhouse to modern to in-between.  She uses professional products to define the unique finishes—waxed, glazed, stressed or modern, which are completely sealed for durability.
Richardson said the “farmhouse look” is a fairly new trend that started five years ago. Richardson said she is really excited about her business and the fact she has been able to bring it to Fairmont.
“Vintage Revival products are not available anywhere else, as they are one-of-a-kind pieces—big and small,” Richardson said.  “We have a large variety of hand-crafted items in a very unique environment.”
Richardson said her store will be open two weekends per month or by appointment—call 402-366-3802.  The schedule can be followed on Facebook or at  Richardson will also book custom pieces to be revived, which need to be booked in an advance.  Call ahead for an appointment.