2012 DCP/Acre Annual Sign-up

The Fillmore County FSA Office will be conducting the annual DCP/ACRE sign up starting January 23, 2012, and ending June 1, 2012. This sign-up was delayed from its normal sign-up period starting on October 1, 2011. With this delay it is critical that participants get started as soon as possible in updating their enrollment. The Fillmore County FSA Office will be utilizing appointments to conduct this sign-up for the annual program.

There are a couple of changes worth noting about the 2012 DCP/ACRE program. The payment acres for 2012 will be 85 percent of the base acres which is a change from 83.3 percent the previous three years. There are no advance payments for the 2012 program. In previous years participants had the option of taking an advance payment in any month after November of the program year.

The eligibility criteria for participation for the most part are the same as in the past. If cash renting land there must be either a lease on file that covers the 2012 crop year or the owner of the land must sign the contract provided by the FSA Office. Powers of attorneys are still applicable when signing contracts. Operating plans must be updated if any changes have occurred from the previous year’s plan. This plan gives us the information to determine eligibility and must be correct.

Any changes to ownership of land, members of entities to include shares, forming of corporations/partnerships, changing from cash rent to shares etc., must be updated on the operating plan to maintain proper eligibility for payment. If participants have some of these changes please notify our office prior to completing DCP/ACRE contracts. The one change that did occur is that the Adjusted Goss Income (AGI) certification has one more criteria added.

This will be a complete new form and be required for all participants requesting payments. Along with the additional item added these forms have to be signed by the actual participant and power of attorneys to sign on behalf of the participant is not allowed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Fillmore County FSA Office at 402-759-4463.

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