3rd section of Kindergarten to be needed

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Fillmore Central Elementary Principal Aaron Veleba shared some exciting news at the May regularly-scheduled meeting of the FC School Board.  The news also stirred some discussion.

Veleba told the school board that initial numbers projected around 40 Kindergartners in the school district.  He told the school board on May 13 that this number now looks like it will be between 48-52.

“We got to 41…then another four more…then four more were going to ‘red-shirt’ and the parents opted not too, then another three,” Veleba said.  “It’s a good problem to have.  But, with this number of students, we’re going to have to do something…maybe go with two classes and hire a para…go with a blended classroom with a part-time teacher for the mornings or go with three separate sections.”

FC Superintendent Mark Norvell told the school board to hire a new teacher and have that teacher move on with the class until the first grade at least.
“We have done it before when we had a class of 50 (there were 50 Kindergartners at FC in 2006 with three sections),” Norvell said. “I just feel like it’s the right thing to do with a class this size.  I think it is educationally, the right thing to do.”

School Board Secretary Christin Lovegrove agreed.
“I think we have to start all our students as best we can,” she said.
The school board voted unanimously to have Veleba and administration hire an elementary classroom teacher to allow for a third section of Kindergarten.

In other meeting notes:
• The school voted unanimously to have representatives from Specialized Engineering Solutions and Engineering Technologies, Inc. present information on their company’s solutions to the current HVAC problems at the FC Elementary School. Another company estimated the upgrades would cost $489,800. The other was a design-build option.
School Board Vice President Shaun Farmer asked Norvell how the upgrade project, if started, could be funded.
“Say it comes to like $800,000,” Farmer asked.  “Do we have the money to do this.”
Norvell noted there currently is about $360,000 in the school district’s Building Fund.

“Hopefully, we can do the project in parts,” he said.  “I think we want to make sure we do it right.  We’re not having major problems with it.  We don’t want to rush and dot his quickly.”
• The school board approved the hiring of Haley Hoarty and Sadie Jones, as new elementary teachers for 2019-2020.
• The school board will be finalizing the sale of a paved parking lot to the north of the Downtown Gym to Geneva businessman Larry Cerny at its next meeting.
• School at FC dismissed at 11:30 a.m., on May 17, for the school year.

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