Annexation approved 2nd reading; fire station bids come in high

Despite an additional 30 minutes of negative testimony and 56 citizen names being turned in by Brent and Jennifer Kramer of people wanting Dollar General to pursue a new location other than 17th Street and F Street, the Geneva City Council voted 4-1 (Councilman Norman Marks—no, Chuck Udell—absent) to approve the annexation of a tract land to be owned by Vaquero Geneva Partners, LP. The Texas company plans to construct a building at the location to be leased out to Dollar General.
Brent Kramer provided some numbers to the city council on June 17 that indicate the current DG store in Geneva has much more traffic and transactions than an average DG store does. Data indicates that 25 vehicles an hour frequent the DG store in Geneva. This traffic flow would be addition to the large number of children that travel along F Street into the Geneva City Park, Family Aquatic Center and other places in the city center.
“I feel like it’s a little too much to bring more people into town off (U.S. Highway) 81 there,” Kramer said. “It also would have helped if you had done more research on your part…I trust you will do what’s best for our entire community.”
Installing privacy fences at the new store location was mentioned. A crosswalk was also mentioned.
City Councilwoman Joni Karcher told those in attendance (over 10 people raised their hands when asked if they were opposed to the new DG location) that she appreciated the feedback and new information. She also said she has been doing extra research herself the past two weeks. She also commented that Vaquero Geneva Partners representatives have told the city council that they have spent over two years looking at possible building locations.
“Please know, lots of research has gone into this,” Karcher said.

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