Baumann finds joy in writing

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

Sue Baumann has always had a great passion for reading, with the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery series being her early favorites. Next, she became a fan of romance novels and then, that was all she read. During her high school days at Sutton, the Grafton native enjoyed visiting the public library, searching for those novels; her favorite writers being Catherine Crookson and Philippa Carr. Also during this time frame, she began writing interesting papers for her English teacher.
“This is where my writing talent emerged,” Baumann said. “But it soon shifted to the back burner, as I went to college and became a high school vocal music teacher at West Point for 10 years.”
Baumann then came back to Grafton and got into her family’s restaurant business until it closed. She next worked at the Double Dipper Ice Cream Shop in Sutton and in 1995 she went to work for her brother, Jim Baumann, at the Grafton Mini Mart until she retired.
One day in 1995, while still enjoying the romance novels, she had an idea.
“A thought flew through my mind. Can I write my own book?” Baumann wondered.
She tried it and it worked! And she continues to write today. Twenty-four years later, she is finishing up her 37th book which is one in a series of four, entitled, “Rich Man Poor Man.” To date, Baumann has sold over one million books and plans to continue her exciting, writing journey until she is unable to do so. Baumann, who writes what she likes to read, calls her books Victorian-Era historical novels—feel-good books that offer pleasurable escapes and that climax through happily-ever-after endings.
“All my books are different, no themes or characters interact. They are ‘stand-alone’ books all written in the English 1850’s Victorian Era,” Baumann said. “They all have two main characters and a villain, who can be a tortured hero, one with physical limitations or mental conditions (due to a war experience) and the villain can be anybody, even a grandma; not necessarily a murderer.”
She began her latest project “Rich Man Poor Man,” June 6, 2018. The books are entitled, “Beware of the Rich Man,” “Bewitched by the Poor Man,” “Betrayed by the Beggar Man” and “Behold the Thief” will be completed in September. In these books, the characters are cross-over ones who do meet each other throughout the series. But, the books can be read as a series or can be read independently. To aide in her ability to keep writing more books, Baumann said she does a lot of research to keep learning more about the Victorian-Era.
“I’ve never had a wild imagination. When I finish one book, the next story just comes into my mind,” Baumann said. “I can see it there like a movie and it stays till I’m done.”