BCBSNE will allow young Nebraskans to remain on parents’ insurance

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska announced today that younger Nebraskans can retain health care coverage under their parent’s policy months before a new health reform law takes effect.

Starting June 1, BCBSNE members under age 26 can remain on their parents’ individual health insurance policies. Companies that provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance under a group plan may have the option of offering this extended coverage to their employees and their dependents.

Health care reform legislation signed last month would make coverage available to adult children up to age 26 for plan years that begin on or after September 23, 2010. Recognizing that this timetable could result in many young adults losing their coverage prior to this date because of age or student status—including graduation and other factors—BCBSNE provided the extension.

“This is one step in our commitment to work collaboratively with all parties to make the new health reform laws effective for our members and all Nebraskans,” said BCBSNE Chief Marketing Officer Keith Bushardt. “We will continue working to enhance coverage for everyone, rein in costs and improve the quality of care for our members under the new legislation.”

This extension applies only to those who currently have coverage. Younger Nebraskans up to age 26 who are currently uninsured will be offered coverage under their parents’ plan when the law becomes effective.

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