Boller Named Supt. of Year…

Todd Boller (right) receives his award from president Brian Crabtree (left).

The following was read prior to receiving his award, “The highest award of the evening is the Superintendent of the Year. This year’s award goes to a superintendent that digs right in….whether it’s planning and hosting the leafy spurge tour and conference, or helping the Twin Valley Weed Management as vice president. He thinks nothing of driving to the State Capitol to meet with legislators and present new material to benefit our entire state’s weed program. After only four years as a weed superintendent, he has accepted the challenge to go through the ranks of leading our association–a very tasking but rewarding experience. He recently inherited the job of lining up all the vendors for conference, is the banquet chairman and the education committee co-chair. His hard work and positive attitude is a great example for all weed superintendents. This very deserving recipient will soon be taking the gavel as President of our association. The Superintendent of the Year for 2015 is Todd Boller, Fillmore County.”

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