Cargill makes $14K donation

The Northwest Region Cargill Cares Committee is proud to partner with the Fillmore Central FFA Chapter as they are in the process of building their greenhouse. Cargill recently donated $14,000 towards this project, which will primarily help the Horticulture and Plant Sciences classes, as well as assist with Farm to Fork produce and nutritional opportunities within the school. This greenhouse will allow for hands-on learning, skill development, and Supervised Agricultural Experience opportunities within the Agricultural Education classroom and the FFA chapter.
Progress has been made on the greenhouse.  Construction of the structure was completed in January.  Next steps include connecting the utilities and finishing the electrical, natural gas and water hook-ups inside the greenhouse.  Later, backfilling dirt around the structure and preparing the ground around the greenhouse will need to be completed.  
The Cargill Cares Committee is an employee-led group that implements strategic community engagement activities on behalf of their locations to ensure that Cargill is investing its financial and human resources in their communities they serve. The Committee focuses on safety, health and nutrition, enriching communities, and sustainability across Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

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