Cargill To Expand Grain Handling At Carleton

Cargill is moving ahead in expanding its grain-handling capabilities for Thayer County producers by upgrading several grain storage bins and adding a truck scale at the former Altra Nebraska LLC ethanol facility in Carleton, Neb. Cargill acquired the rights to the land and grain-handling assets of the unfinished Altra site in November 2009 to enhance its capabilities in receiving, weighing, handling and storing local crop producers’ deliveries. Cargill officials anticipate the first phase of upgrades at the site will be completed in time to accommodate harvest season deliveries this fall.

“We are pleased at the opportunity to expand our grain-handling capabilities in a way that will directly benefit our customers throughout the year, and particularly during the harvest,” said Robert Racek, farm service group leader for Cargill AgHorizons in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. Cargill recently hired a project engineer and a production supervisor to oversee work at the new facility. “And we anticipate adding more staff as the facility grows,” Racek said.

The facility, located at 2182 Road 5600, is one-half mile from Cargill’s existing Carleton grain complex and will be referred to as the Cargill-Carleton West elevator. Two upright bins being refurbished at the Carleton West site each have a storage capacity of nearly 500,000 bushels, and a flat-storage building adds another 400,000 bushel storage capacity. In addition, Cargill will use two grain dump sites at the facility to help alleviate bottlenecks during high delivery periods. Racek added that the company is exploring options for using other assets acquired as part of the site, with the needs of area producers foremost in mind. “Clearly, this site provides expanded opportunities for us to help meet the needs of our customers. We look forward to leveraging these resources as fully as possible in the coming months.”

Regionally, Cargill AgHorizons-U.S. also operates grain handling facilities in Albion, Lincoln, O’Neil, and Ord, Neb., along with Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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