County Genealogical Society Meets

During the rainy afternoon of November 7, the Fillmore County Genealogical Society met at the Geneva Public Library with three members and one guest, Penny Aspegren, in attendance.

Due to the absence of the president, Vice President Rose Marie conducted the meeting. The minutes and treasurer’s reports were given and approved. There were no expenses or income to report.

There was no old business and for new business Rose Marie had received a letter from the Homestead Innovation Congress requesting donations for the Beatrice Homestead celebration to be held in 2012. No action was taken on the request.

Janet had an article about a baby’s tombstone found 1,000 miles away 130 years later. The baby died in Dannebrog in 1881. A stone was made in Omaha but never placed on the grave. The stone was acquired on a sale in Tennessee, the history was traced and the stone eventually placed on the proper gravesite at Dannebrog.

Also noted were the various on-going projects the society has been working on and would appreciate help from anyone interested in using our materials.

The next meeting will be on December 5 at 2 p.m., at the Geneva Public Library.

At the workshop, the members continued working with obituaries and funeral service cards.

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