Czech Foreign Legion Program

M. Ronald Svec, Major USMC retired, presented a program to the public in Milligan on November 8. He told about the Czech Foreign Legion and their involvement in the first world war.

Tens of thousands of the Czech soldiers joined their Slavic brothers in Russian’s fight against the German and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Thousands were forced to fight for the Germans against Russia, but they switched sides and fought for the Slavic cause.

The plight of this Czech Legion in the middle of Siberia trying to reach the Russian port of Vladivostok and a return home stirred the victorious WW I countries to create a separate entity called Czechoslovakia.

One of the soldiers, James B. Luzum, involved was from Milligan. He aided in protecting the port of Vladivostok in 1918-1919.

The program was hosted by the Milligan Public Library.

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