Early Warning System To Be Purchased For 45 Subdivisions

Forty-five communities located in 14 counties of Southeast Nebraska will be safer as the result of a grant from the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA). The grant was awarded to the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) to purchase and install new and upgraded emergency outdoor warning siren equipment for communities who have elected to participate in the program with SENDD.

There will be two warning sirens installed in Geneva and one in Shickley.

Early in 2009, the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) began working in conjunction with County Emergency Managers and Local Officials in Southeast Nebraska on an Early Warning System (EWS) project for the purchase and installation of outdoor warning systems. The participating communities and counties reached agreement on the terms and conditions for participation in a regional joint purchasing project to acquire new EWS units through a program that eventually included political subdivisions in 14 of the 15-member SENDD Counties.

An application for funding was submitted by SENDD to the EDA in May, 2009 for a total estimated project cost of $1,339,155 to purchase and install or upgrade 69 warning sirens and emergency warning systems in 45 political subdivisions. It is estimated that participant political subdivisions will realize a cost savings of approximately 75 percent per unit by participating in the project. Each project requires a 25 percent local match to be provided by the participating community.

“This is an important and exciting project to improve the safety and well being of citizens living and working in Southeast, Nebraska” said Executive Director David Taladay, SENDD. “The project is an example of innovative collaboration between SENDD and the communities and Counties our organization serves. We are honored to be involved in a project that will impact such a large number of communities and citizens in Southeast Nebraska.”

In June, 2010, SENDD received a written notice of award for the project from the EDA, and is currently working on submitting additional documentation that is required by the federal funding source as conditions of the award. SENDD will host regional meetings in late September to work out the details of the project with each of the pre-approved political subdivisions. Project bidding to select equipment vendor(s) is anticipated in late 2010 with purchase and installation to be completed throughout 2011.

For more information, please contact Jen Olds in the SENDD Lincoln Office at jolds@sendd.org or by phone at: 402-475-2560. As the recipient of the funding, SENDD will conduct the bidding process for the project upon approval to proceed from the EDA.

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