Fairmont Police Department Receives Grant, Speed Control

The Fairmont Police Department is being awarded a highway safety grant to assist in obtaining one mobile radar unit. According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, Highway Safety Office, Administrator Fred Zwonechek, “The Fairmont Police Department has been awarded the funding to help prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities at various locations throughout the area.”
The mobile radar speed detection equipment provides the agency with a state-of-the-art system that will enhance speed control efforts. The Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office has awarded $900 to the Fairmont Police Department toward the purchase of the new unit.
“They should be commended for taking advantage of this funding assistance to equip their patrols units with the tools necessary to assure safer streets for the residents and visitors to Fairmont, “Zwonechek said. “Utilizing this equipment has demonstrated proven success as reducing traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities within the communities,” he added.

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