Fates of Grafton, Ohiowa POs on hold

The U.S. Post Office locations in Grafton and Ohiowa have received a reprieve of sorts.

The U.S. Postal Service has agreed to a five-month delay on closing 3,700 post offices nationwide, including 90 in Nebraska, which will buy time for Congress to enact postal reform legislation.

“Closing post offices before we try to fix the system is putting the cart before the horse,” U.S. Senator Ben Nelson said. “With 90 rural post offices targeted for closure in Nebraska, we have to remember that the USPS was created to provide a public service. Our local post offices play a special role in our communities, keeping us connected to our friends and families, and keeping businesses connected to their customers. They are an important part of our economy, serving every city, suburb and small town in Nebraska.”

The Postal Service has been considering the elimination of overnight delivery and studying whether to close 3,700 mostly rural post offices to reduce expenses.

During the moratorium, scheduled to end on May 15, 2012, the Postal Service will continue to study the impact of proposed closures on service and costs and to solicit community input.

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