FBLA Conducts DriveSafe Check

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “It’s just a few blocks” or “I’m in too much of a hurry to buckle up?” This decision can be very costly if you should be involved in a car accident. The Fillmore Central chapter of FBLA has chosen to inform drivers about safe driving habits throughout the year with a new project called “Drive Safe.”

On Wednesday morning, September 14, several FBLA members greeted drivers at the high school with either a Dum-Dum sucker or Smartie candy treat depending on whether occupants of the car were buckled up.

A recent study in Nebraska showed that young people between the ages of 16 and 24 had the lowest observed seat belt usage rate of any other age group. More than one in five do not use their safety belt, and in some parts of Nebraska, fewer than one in three buckle up. FBLA is joining the Drive Safe effort hoping to prevent the tragedy of teen car accident deaths.

The morning traffic stop kicked off the program with a reminder for everyone to use seat belts when driving. If you are not a regular user of seat belts, please consider the risks you are taking, and buckle up the next time you are in a vehicle.

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