FC FBLA, Geneva Chamber Coordinate Shop Local Activity

A major Fillmore Central FBLA activity during November was the chapter’s emphasis on American Enterprise. This year the chapter is working with the Geneva Chamber of Commerce to bring attention to the importance of shopping locally. Throughout American Enterprise Week, high school students participated in a daily business trivia contest. A winning entry was chosen from all those who had responded correctly each day.

The week also spotlighted the annual Money Smart meeting. This year, Lori Loontjer and Bill Weaver, members from the Chamber Promotion committee, were invited to share information about the uses of local sales tax proceeds at this meeting held on November 16. Members learned that it is important to contribute to local sales as the tax collected helps fund many projects such as community improvement. Chairpersons Stephanie Babella and Katherine Schoenhals prepared two games to emphasize the benefits of sales tax knowledge by having members build towers using Jenga blocks after which a business trivia game was played.    

The FBLA officers and members of the American Enterprise committee provided information about the new half-cent sales tax increase and the use of sales tax through presentations in homerooms on November 16, also. They introduced a one-month activity entitled, “Shop Geneva Receipt Challenge” where students and staff were asked to submit local receipts in collection boxes located throughout the school buildings. To provide added incentive, a $50 Geneva Gold certificate was provided for a drawing to be held for each building. Hundreds of receipts were submitted, and business students prepared spreadsheets showing over $20,000 of sales locally for the four-week period.  

On the morning of December 16, Chamber members joined the FBLA officers in drawing a winning receipt from each box.  Winners included Darren Shroyer, high school student; Shelia Lauby, high school staff; Sandi Coon, middle school staff; and Doreen Schelkopf, elementary staff.  
As the Chamber promotes shopping locally during 2016, the chapter will continue its involvement.  One notable activity is the $1,000 educational grant essay contest.  Fillmore Central ninth through 12th graders are encouraged to write a two-page essay addressing the topic, “Shopping locally benefits me, my family, and community…”  A committee will judge the essays, and one deserving student will receive $1,000, which can be used for a variety of educational expenses as noted in the grant criteria

Educational grant guidelines are posted on the Fillmore Central school’s website or can be picked up from Cindy Talley, FBLA adviser. All essays are due by February 15, 2016.

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