FC Genealogical Society

The Fillmore County Genealogical Society held their May 5 meeting at the Geneva Public Library. Six members were present at the business meeting called to order by President Carol. Janet read the minutes and gave the treasurer’s report with both being approved as read.

One bill was presented by Rose Marie for 39 copies she made. A motion made by Mary and seconded by Charles to pay this bill was approved. The library was paid from the open fund for four copies made at the meeting.

An item of correspondence was received regarding the fiddling championship to be held May 24, at the Homestead National Monument near Beatrice. A second item was from Debbie Barbee of Dover Plains, N.Y., about an upcoming cousins’ family reunion to be held August 9-10, at Sutton. Descendants of Frank and Theresa Dondlinger Weber and Abe and Maude Edwards Bryson are invited.

Discussion centered on re-organizing the genealogical materials to provide easier location of the available data. A motion was made by Richard, seconded by Charles, that an inventory be made, a system set up to revamp the display and include any expenses that may arise. The motion carried and Richard, Mary and Charles will meet at the library to work on the project.

Richard will make an index for the 2011 obituaries that was missing, along with completing the 2013 obituary index.

The next meeting will be held at the Geneva Public Library, June 2, at 2 p.m.

During the workshop the group cleaned out the filing cabinets and did some re-arranging of the stored materials.

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