Fillmore Central Middle School Shows Talent

The Fillmore Central Middle School fifth grade classes shared their talents with the residents at Fairview Manor on May 4. The classes went to Fairview and the entire group sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and “America the Beautiful.”

Members of the fifth grade band performed also. More instrumental music was shared when a trumpet solo was performed by Alex Salmon, a clarinet solo was performed by Chelsea Fessler and a flute duet was played by Aiwa Temme and Bree Atmore.

Elisha Sheffy-Harris and Emileigh Kennel sang for the residents. Marissa Nun, Tanner Ourada and Elisha Sheffy-Harris shared their piano skills by playing a nice variety of piano recital pieces.

Tanner Ourada provided a change of pace with three mystifying card tricks. Athletic coordination and talent was demonstrated by Skylar Kuil, McKenzie Scheil, Aiwa Temme, Haley Hiatt, Garrett Whitley and Corey Maloley as they demonstrated jump roping skills.

Chelsea Fessler, Marissa Nun and Bree Atmore all showed their flare when they performed dances for the residents. It was a very fun afternoon.

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