Fillmore Central/Shickley State Trap Results

The Fillmore Central/Shickley Trap team was part of the 1,891 shooters that participated in the 42nd annual Cornhusker State Trapshoot in Doniphan on April 28 through April 30.

The three day event began on Thursday with the Junior High competition. Of the 689 competitors, 14 were from the local team. The juniors shot 100 rocks each.

The junior team of Matt Loseke, Brevann Nun, Derek O’Connor, Jacob Bespelac and Wyatt Schiermeyer tied for fifth place overall with a combined score of 395. Wyatt Schiermeyer also tied for fifth place individually by nailing 91 rocks for the day.

Twenty-five FCS seniors competed in a field of 1,202 shooters from across the state. The senior team shot 100 rocks on Thursday and another 100 from their handicap yardage on Saturday. The team is coached by Ron Schropfer of Fairmont.

State Results:

Senior Team (16 yd/handicap/total out of 200): Andrew Schropfer 91/82/173, Charlie Buckles 82/78/160, Dillon Steinacher 79/79/158, Jake Herman 85/71/156, Austin Tatro 74/81/155,

Jesse Salmon 76/79/155, Dylan Lauenstein 75/78/153, Jake Martin 74/79/153, Dillon Graham 91/61/152, Grady Joe 83/67/150, Tyler Glenn 80/68/148, Colin Monteforte 86/61/147,

Danny Loseke 86/60/146, Jacob Shipman 89/57/146, Kurt Karcher 77/67/144, Tanner Hedden 64/78/142, Jake Howe 72/68/140, Tyler Lauenstein 84/46/140,

Trevor Dohrman 82/57/139, Thane Motis 80/56/136, Morgan Monteforte 74/62/136, Emily Alfs 68/68/136, Dylan Colgrove 78/53/131, Brady Domeier 64/63/127 and Brady Quick 66/44/110.

Junior team (total out of 100): Wyatt Schiermeyer 91, Jacob Bespelac 72, Brevann Nun 81, Derek O’Connor 68, Matt Loseke 83, Ben Baltzer 60,

Conrad Schelkopf 50, Tyler O’Connor 48, Garrett Hafer 77, Tanner Ourada 64, Brianna Hafer 60, Logan Peppard 55, John Alfs 55 and Baylee Howell 65.

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