Fillmore County Students Are Encouraged To Vote

Every year, a joint venture takes place between Fillmore County Clerk Amy Nelson (M) and Fillmore County Democrat members John Barthule (L), Jenny Hoarty (R), and Marg Bettger, not pictured, to register Fillmore County students to vote. This year, on April 17-19, the group registered a total of 58 students: 28 at Fillmore Central; 16 at Exeter-Milligan, and 14 at Shickley. A registered 17-year-old who turns 18 on or before November 6 may vote in the May 15 primary. Dates of Interest to Fillmore County voters: May 4: Last day to request an application for an early voting ballot to be mailed out; can register to vote in person at the courthouse until 6 p.m. May 15: Last day for voted ballots; may be dropped in the drop box on the south side of the courthouse or inside the courthouse until 8 p.m. Early voting is taking place now.

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