Fillmore County Turns Positivity Into Charity

For the month of October, Fillmore County Hospital challenged local businesses to participate in an initiative to create a more positive and authentic community. The Pickle Pledge Challenge was created by Joe Tye, owner of Values Coach, Inc., as an interactive technique to engage employees within a business.
The pickle pledge states, “I will turn every complaint into either a blessing or constructive suggestion.” By taking the pickle pledge, the community members made a promise that they would no longer waste time and energy on blaming, complaining and gossiping, nor commiserate with those who steal energy with their blaming, complaining and gossiping.
Numerous businesses in the Fillmore County area accepted the Pickle Pledge Challenge that was hosted by Fillmore County Hospital and decorated pumpkins as positive pickles to get in the spirit. During the challenge, participants would “fine” themselves for toxic emotional negativity such as blaming, complaining and gossiping with the proceeds going to The Christmas Store, a local charity project.
As a result, the businesses raised $1,000 throughout the month, which will be matched by Joe Tye for a total donation of $2,000.
All gifts at The Christmas Store are free, providing the opportunity for children and parents to “shop” for their family members during the Christmas season. This mission project is coordinated by Fillmore County Good Beginnings with the help of several non-profit and service organizations in the area. Residents at the Geneva YRTC are available to wrap gifts so the kids can keep them a secret from parents.
If you would like to learn more about the Pickle Pledge, please contact Amaly Friesen at 402-759-3167. Those interested in helping with The Christmas Store or donating items should contact the event organizer, Jill Schmidt at 402-366-2152.

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