Fleharty cuts it for 40 years

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

When Larry Fleharty was 14, he told his barber, Rusty Robbins, that he was thinking about going to barber college and Robbins thought that was a great idea.
After Fleharty graduated from Fairmont High School in 1969, he attended Lincoln Barber College (College of Hair Design today) for nine and a half months.  After graduation, he then cut hair in Lincoln for two years, Grand Island five years, where he met and married his wife, Deb, and Hastings three years.  With his mother and sister still residing in Fairmont, Fleharty came home for a visit in June of 1979 and also stopped in at the local barber shop, “Tom’s Barber Shop” owned by Tom Hassler, for a visit.
Fleharty was looking to purchase a small-town barber shop and, during the conversation, mentioned this to Hassler.
Hassler replied, “Why not buy my shop?”
Fleharty said, “I was really surprised and very happy, for it fit right in with the plan.”
Before opening his new business, Fleharty had the building remodeled with new floors, walls and a lowered ceiling, which took about a month.  He also changed the name of the business to the “Head Shed.”  Fleharty opened his business on June 30, 1979, and today is now celebrating 40 years of business in his boyhood shop that was then called “Rusty’s Barber Shop.”
Fleharty, who’s been cutting hair for 50 years, said he became a barber because he’s a “people person.”
“I love interacting with people…

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