Fund-raiser To Benefit Heifer International

Pictured (above) are the winners of the middle school division of the dodgeball tournament: Dalton Kleinschmidt, Jackson Grote, Regan Alfs, Adam Alfs and Nathan Nelson.

The sixth grade class at Shickley Public School was busy in the month of May hosting a Dodge Ball Tournament within the school. The sixth grade students made projections on potential earnings, advertised the tournament via posters and full school messages, and created their own rules of the game.
While the dodge ball tournament was definitely a success, there was an underlying motive to the whole ordeal. Earlier in the year, the class had read about Heifer International which is an organization that provides animals as well as other items to give to families in need to help them to become self-sufficient.
By giving items such as these, it allows families to work to better themselves by giving them a tool to help aid the process instead of waiting for free hand-outs to survive. It gives them hope and responsibility to work to better their lives in a respected and responsible way. In return for the gift, Heifer has the receiving family take the first young of their animal and give it to another family.
By doing so, the family being helped, now has the opportunity to help another family and gift keeps on giving.
The class had a small entry fee for those who wanted to participate which allowed them to raise funds for their cause. The projected goal was to reach $150 from the tournament. However, after early calculations and generous donations from those not playing, the class has already gone over that by at least $50.
At the $150 mark, the sixth graders will be able to pay for a Llama to go to a family in need. Some of the things a Llama can provide is nutritious milk to help aid illness and to better health. It also grows thick wool which can be used for blankets and clothes. Finally, a llama has a soft walk to it which allows it to not only do work in the fields, but it doesn’t compact the soil giving the soil better ability to grow a crop. The class is excited about the opportunity to help a family in such a unique way.
With the extra earnings, the class will also be able to choose other animals to send to families such as: ducks, chickens, bees or rabbits, depending on the final earnings.
The sixth graders appreciate everyone who participated, spectated and supported their cause and are excited to find out how it benefited families in need.

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