Fundraiser hopes to flush cancer away

Fillmore County beware! There is a purple toilet on the loose and it could end up in your yard next.

The purple toilet was an idea from the Fillmore County Relay for Life group to help raise awareness and funds for the cause to cure cancer. The toilet can be removed from your yard for a donation of $15, but for just $25 you can have the toilet removed from your lawn and pick someone else’s lawn to place it in. To keep the toilet out of your yard you can donate $25 for “toilet insurance.” There’s also an Option 4—call 984-3411 for more information on this choice.

Members of the Fillmore County Relay for Life Executive Committee are Denise Kovanda, Clayton Kovanda, Jackie Swartzendruber, Jen Busse, Val Poppert, Kim Gewecke and Kendra Oldehoeft.

Oldehoeft, an Exeter resident, thought that the home of Exeter Village Board member Mitchell Schelgelmilch and his wife Mary would be a good spot to start the toilet. Oldehoeft has strong ties to the Relay for Life program.

“I got involved with Relay for Life when I was a student at Doane,” Oldehoeft said. “They have a strong program there. It’s personal for me as my mom has battled cancer twice and I lost my brother to cancer at the age of 20.”

She is looking forward to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the football and track facility at the Fillmore Central High School in Geneva on July 31.

If you don’t end up with the toilet in your yard and you still want to help flush away cancer, you can donate online at their website (search for Fillmore County Relay for Life) or contact one of the executive committee members.

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