Geneva YRTC Update

Since the story written by Editor Greg Scellin early Monday morning, there has been several changes at the Geneva YRTC facility.
DHHS has been assessing how they serve the youth in their care, the condition of our facilities, and what changes may need to be made to further enhance safety, programming and outcomes.  DHHS moved the remaining 24 youth currently housed on the Geneva campus to the campus in Kearney.  There are four residential cottages on the YRTC-Geneva campus. The relocation will allow the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to assess needed repairs and upgrades to the two cottages that are closed and the current cottages the girls were living in.
The relocation also gives DHHS the opportunity to refresh the youth program from a clinical and programmatic standpoint. By allowing DAS access to the campus, YRTC-Geneva will continue its current programming at YRTC-Kearney. The youth will be housed in a separate, safe and secure area on the Kearney campus.
Teammates from YRTC-Geneva accompanied the youth to Kearney including direct care staff, case managers, teachers, mental health staff, and food service staff.  All DHHS 24-hour facilities sent two teammates to help with transition including the regional centers in Lincoln, Hastings and Norfolk, Beatrice State Developmental Center and Whitehall.
“Our goal is a smooth transition to help the girls acclimate to their routine, which includes school, mental health support, structured activities and recreation,” said DHHS CEO Dannette Smith. “We hope to enhance programming and treatment, and provide an environment that is safe, supportive, and gives youth the opportunity to thrive as they transition from the YRTCs into a successful adulthood.”
Geneva Mayor Eric Kamler and City Administrator Kyle Svec and Smith plan to tour the Geneva YRTC campus on Saturday, August 24.