Heartfelt Story Told At GFWC’s Meeting

The GFWC Exeter Woman’s Club met May 16, at the UCC Fellowship Hall, with 13 members and one guest, Dorreen Johnson, present.
Hostesses Sharon Mueller and Cheryl Luzum served a tasty brunch prior to the meeting.
Co-president Karen Chapman called the meeting to order. Patty DeMoss then introduced Dorreen Johnson, our speaker.
The topic of Dorreen’s talk was “The Heart of a Stranger.” She told of the events leading up to her heart transplant in 2014 at Clarkson Hospital in Omaha. She was a big smoker for many years and also worked road construction handling tar and other toxic materials, which may have contributed to her condition. Doctors first thought the shortness of breath she was experiencing was lung problems. She was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was put on a defibrillator/pacemaker. She got along quite well for a year and a half, when that failed, but was put on a new one and it lasted for seven years. After seven and a half years, she was evaluated for a heart transplant. On December 17, 2014, she was put on a list for the heart transplant and 10 days later got the call that they had a heart for her. After making many calls to find a ride to Omaha, she arrived in a couple hours and within a few hours she was ready for the surgery. Her hospital stay was 16 days and then she was dismissed and stayed in a room close to the hospital for one week. At home, no visitors were allowed for three weeks, as there was a risk for germs. She was also told to get rid of all her plants and stuffed animals because of the dust, but did eventually get them back. Although she is on many medications, she feels great. She is eternally grateful to the doctors and all that took care of her.

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