Kinder Academy Opens In Bruning

The Kinder Academy is a child care service that has recently opened in Bruning. There was a culmination of events that happened for this to take place. The Bruning Community Foundation, Inc., purchased the Lutheran parsonage north of the Trinity Lutheran Church. The church then purchased a house east of the church to replace the existing parsonage. The Bruning Community Foundation, Inc., then remodeled the facility to fire code and Health and Human Services regulations.
Donations and funds from the Bruning Community Foundation, Inc., were used to remodel and modify the house to create a daycare center. Now, since the building is finished, the Bruning Community Foundation, Inc., gave the building to the Bruning School District to lease to Kinder Academy, which is owned and operated by Stephanie Briggs.
This has helped serve a shortage of day care needs for families in the Bruning and surrounding communities. The facility is conveniently located close to the school site in Bruning for easy access for preschool and school age children to attend after school as well as younger children and babies.