Location of new DG store cause for concern

About a dozen people attended last week’s Geneva City Council meeting to voice their concerns over the proposed new location of a Dollar General store in Geneva.
Vaquero Geneva Partners, LP, of Fort Worth, Texas, is planning to build a new building for Dollar General to lease on the south side of F Street between 17th and 18th Street.  The Texas company asked the city council to annex the property so it could hook the building onto city utilities.  The city council approved the annexation at its May 20 meeting on First Reading.  After the discussion on June 3, the city council opted to table the Second Reading of annexation request until it gets some more public feedback.
David Frook told the city council that urban studies have shown that the NRC designation for areas of a city are a poor planning tool.  “It hurts the town center…it hurts residential…it’s a terrible thought,” he said.  “This is really a poor location.  We’re not saying we don’t want Dollar General here…we just want it in the right location.”
Jill Schmidt commented that she would be thrilled to have Dollar General located next or by her downtown, main street business location.
Jim Reinsch said that traffic is already a mess on this section of F Street and it doesn’t need any more traffic on it.  He also mentioned safety concerns with the location. “It doesn’t belong on that street,” he said. “I suggest you stay away from it…traffic is already ugly there…there are no turning lanes…adding any more traffic there will be problematic.”

Geneva City Administrator Kyle Svec said that Vaquero representatives looked at nearly a dozen locations in Geneva and either encountered unwilling sellers or properties that wouldn’t work. Svec also commented that a retail store is an acceptable use in NRC.
“We are just here tonight to talk about adding some land into the city,” he said. “They meet every criteria.  They meet all our requirements.”
Geneva City Attorney David Solheim informed the city council they could table the Second Reading.  He said this action wouldn’t necessarily stop the annexation, but it would slow things down.
Several other residents expressed safety concerns with youth crossing and walking along this section of road quite a bit.  They also commented that they didn’t think this location is the best for the new store because of the nearby location of the elementary school and churches. The Vaquero representative on a conference call said tearing down the existing Dollar General store and rebuilding on the site was not an option.

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