National Nurse Practitioner Week celebrated Nov 10-16

National Nurse Practitioner Week celebrated Nov 10-16

As the health care provider shortage continues to top the national agenda, it is important that the public be aware that there are more than 171,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) in the United States who provide high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive, patient-centered care to patients across the country.

NPs are licensed, expert clinicians with advanced education (most have master’s and many have doctorate degrees) and extensive clinical preparation who provide primary, acute and specialty health care services. In addition to providing a full range of services, NPs work as partners with their patients, guiding them to make educated health care decisions and healthy lifestyle choices. The confidence that patients have in NP delivered health care is evidenced by the more than 916 million visits made to NPs every year.

National Nurse Practitioner Week, November 10-16, 2013, is a time to celebrate these exceptional health care providers and to remind lawmakers of the importance of removing outdated barriers to practice so that NPs will be allowed to practice to the full extent of their experience and education. Nurse practitioners are informed, in touch and involved, making them the health care providers of choice for millions and a solution to the primary care crisis in America.

In Nebraska, there are currently over 1,000 nurse practitioners. These NPs practice across the state in both rural and urban areas and in a number of practice specialties. All Nurse Practitioners in Nebraska are trained at the graduate level and hold current board certification. This advanced training allows Nebraska NPs to provide a full range of services for patients and families. Nurse Practitioners serve as a solution to the health care provider shortage, which is especially dire in rural Nebraska. All Nebraskan’s deserve timely access to high-quality health care providers, but with 65% of all Nebraska counties considered Health Care Provider Shortage Areas, more must be done to increase the number of available providers. Nebraska’s Nurse Practitioners are one answer to today’s health care solution.

Nurse Practitioners in Nebraska have demonstrated high-quality, cost-effective and patient-centered care for over 40 years. NPs specialize in providing patients with access to preventive health and wellness services that focus on the total health of the patient. Nurse Practitioners encourage healthier lifestyle choices, resulting in healthier citizens and communities. Clinical data that spans decades has shown that Nurse Practitioners have the ability to provide timely access to cost-effective, high-quality health care services. Please join us in saying “Congratulations” and “Thank you” to Nebraska’s Nurse Practitioners.

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