Nebraska Mother of the Year

The state of Nebraska is one of the handful of states who still has a Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year contest in association with the National Mothers, INC.  The state recently honored Joyce Stevens from Crofton Ne as the new Mother of the Year for 2012.  She recently competed with the other mothers from across the United States in the National title.  We again are searching our state for a mother who will qualify for the Mother of the Year (MOY)and Young Mother (YM) title who will quality for the National title.  Mothers can be nominated either on line with the or with the state chairman’s:

Jean Kolterman of Seward…phone number 402-643-3803 or email at Mother of the Year search chair and Joan Burney of Hartington (national mother for 1991) search chair for Young Mother of the Year. Her phone number is 402-254-3981 and her email is

Criteria for National Mother of the year and National young Mother of the Year are as follows:
· Mother of at least 1 child
· MOY may only have one child under the age of 18
· YM may only have one child over the age of 18
· Marriage sometime in life, but current marriage is not required
· Involvement in her community
· Participation in a Religious Organization
· Actively seeking ways to grow as a wife and mother and to nurture herself as a woman
· Ability to articulate, orally and writing, the complexities of motherhood.  Willingness to honestly discuss the success, trials and tribulations of her life.

Nominations need to be to the National Association by November 1, 2012.

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