ODEGEO Leadership Class Has Health And Human Services Session

The ODEGEO Leadership for Fillmore County class attended a Health and Human Services session at The Fillmore County Hospital conference room, January 18.

Lisa Hopken, director of nursing of the Fillmore County Hospital, took the group on a tour of the hospital. She informed the group about the beginning of the hospital and the many remodeling and expansion projects it has gone through to serve the people of Fillmore County.

Paul Utemark, administrator of the Fillmore County Hospital, updated the group on the many projects associated with the building of the new hospital. Several other Finish the Campus projects were mentioned that could be included with the new hospital.

The group traveled to the Geneva Senior Center where they were provided a snack by the Geneva Senior Center.

Janet Bartek, who works for the Fillmore County Senior Services, explained the services offered by the agency.

Jeff Jensen, a member of the Fillmore County Ministerial Association, spoke to the group concerning the activities the ministerial group does in the county and for those traveling through Fillmore County.

The group traveled to the Geneva Wellness Center where Jenni Lovegrove, a personal fitness trainer, and Joni Ewalt, the cardiac rehab nurse, showed what the facility had to offer.

Lunch for the group was at the Fillmore County Hospital.

Dr. Jason Bespalec, one of the owners of the Fillmore County Medical Center, talked to the group about the history of the Center and shared his own rural background and why he likes practicing in Fillmore County.

The group then traveled to the Fairview Manor in Fairmont where Tami Scheil, administrator, showed the group the facility and levels of care they offer to its residents.

The group reconvened at Fillmore County Hospital where they enjoyed a snack.

John Day from Blue Valley Behavioral Health was the next speaker. He spoke to the group about the services that are available to individuals and families in the county through Behavioral Health.

Rod Renken, the last speaker of the day, spoke about the rescue unit services available in the county and the training it takes to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). He stated that there is always a need for more EMTs and that a class has recently started.

The February session of the ODEGEO Leadership for Fillmore County will take the class to Lincoln to learn about state government and the unicameral system.

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