Pinewood Derby Races at Fairview Manor

Story by Leesa K. Bartu, Exeter Correspondent

Fairview Manor residents had a little competition at their pinewood derby race this year.  Exeter Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts brought their cars along to race with the residents and help with the race.
Pastor Jeff Jensen of the Evangelical Free Church in Geneva brought a track that was donated to their church which is used with the youth.  He and Veteran Service Officer Eric Williams set up the track and the timing system.  Residents at the Manor had painted and weighted cars to use in the race.

Everyone enjoyed watching the cars race down the track with the digital readout showing their times and their places.  The residents cars were fast but the scout cars edged them out with strategically placed weights.  Each car raced several times in different lanes of the four lane track.
The scouts helped place the cars on the track and returned the cars to their owners after the race was over.
Along with their cars, the scouts wore their medals won in their pack races and also shared several of their trophies.

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