Recall petitions being circulated

Signal Editor

Geneva Mayor Eric Kamler took to the airwaves last week granting a radio interview to a Fairbury radio station to share his thoughts on the current Recall Petition, which calls for his removal from office. This interview then became property of the Associated Press (AP) and was re-broadcast on a half dozen other radio stations last week.
Kamler called the Recall Petition “absolutely ridiculous.” He also called out several members of a committee that is helping principal petition circulator Steve Ewalt plan and gain signatures. Ewalt picked up the petitions on Friday, August 16, and has until September 16 to gather 332 signatures.
“I have been approached by radio outlets, including the station in Fairbury,” said Ewalt by phone Friday afternoon. “My thought is—why would I give out any information to anyone outside our community?”
In his radio interview, Kamler said that people seeking petition signatures have been “extremely aggressive” and have been yelling at people.
“There wasn’t anyone out there then to have anybody yelling at anybody,” Ewalt said. “There are a couple people out now who have started collecting signatures. I can say, there has been some interest for sure.”
Kamler also commented to Tommy Rezac of Ol’ Red 99.5 and News Channel Nebraska that he feels the recall effort is targeting him for being young and doing things a little bit different. Kamler is 28 and was elected to the city council in 2014. He also said he feels he is being called out for owning a share of an upscale bar in Lincoln.
Ewalt said that he and the committee have outlined several major points why they are undergoing the recall effort. Some of the committee’s talking points appear inside this edition in an advertisement.
“We want to be very consistent when we are out there talking to people and asking them to sign the petition,” he said.
A petition that, Kamler said is dividing Geneva. “Stop dividing Geneva by ending this bogus recall,” said the 2009 Fillmore Central graduate in his radio interview. He also said he has reached out to Ewalt and former Geneva Mayor Rod Norrie to discuss the recall drive and his time as mayor.
“It’s amazing how many bridges he has burned,” Ewalt said. “We just keep finding more and more.”