Relay For Life Raises $47,000

By Denice Kovanda

The final curtain has come down; the stage has been struck; the scripts are returned to the shelves. Fillmore County Relay For Life completed its successful 2012 run.

With a winning combination of desire, hard work, perspiration and passion the directors/producers/actors earn the Academy for “Lights! Camera! CURE!” If you were there for the production, you saw a lot of activity for 12 hours. The ticket office is proud to say that we raised over $47,000 in the fight against cancer.

But we are not done yet—we are already beginning the plans for 2013.

There will be a wrap-up meeting on Thursday, August 23, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at the Fillmore Central High School Library to get feedback on 2012 and lay the plans for 2013.

Everyone who wants to fight against cancer is welcome to come—we will be making plans for next year’s event. If you cannot be there, but would like to get information, please contact Denice Kovanda.

More information will be coming out later about the plans for next year. Don’t let this disease control us—let’s control it by getting involved in Relay For Life.

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