Rytych enjoys 49 years at Shickley

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

Shirley Rytych once had a desire to become a teacher in Phoenix, Ariz., but circumstances altered her path and led her to Shickley—a stroke of luck for her and the community.  She has taught a variety of subjects for nearly half a century—46 years as a teacher and three years as a substitute teacher.  May 23 was her last day—not only of the school year, but of her entire career, as she retired.
Rytych spent her entire career at the Shickley Public Schools and said it has been a great experience.
“Shickley has a tradition for doing its best.  The whole town supports the school—teachers, parents and the community,” Rytych said.  “People try hard and all work together well to build opportunities for students, effectively striving for excellence in education and all extracurricular activities.  It’s a stable community with common core values.”
Rytych started her teaching career in the fall of 1969, teaching fourth graders for three years.  She then subbed for three years.  In the fall of 1975, she became the elementary vocal music instructor, a position she still holds today,  and in the fall of 1987, she became the enrichment coordinator—a full-time position.  In 1995, she switched roles to become the Spanish teacher for fifth grade through high school students.
“Shickley allowed me to be innovative and creative.  I never had the same students,” Rytych said.  “Shickley students are very unique and great to be around, as they keep you young.  It’s been a great occupation!”
Rytych also enjoyed sharing stories about life to kids, stressing important issues as dedication to do their best and the importance of forgiveness—helping them to be exceptional human beings.

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