Serving Seniors-Mom’s Meals

Mom’s Meals
By: Rhonda Stokebrand,
Serving Seniors

This month we’ll let you know more about a program called “Mom’s Meals.” It is a family owned home delivered food service for older individuals who live in small towns or rural areas where home delivered meals are not available.  These nutritionally complete meals are selected by you from a menu and hand prepared in the “Mom’s Meals” USDA approved kitchen. These meals are unique because they are made from high quality ingredients and then air-locked into packaging, that will remain fresh in your refrigerator for over 14 days. They is no need to freeze. Customers get to select their own meals from a very extensive menu that includes items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you choose to order three breakfasts’ to be eaten at every meal all day, you are allowed, that is your choice. Meals are also prepared for various health conditions, such as: Diabetic –Friendly, Heart–Friendly, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, just to name a few.
“Mom’s Meals” have eligibility requirements to meet, some of which are the following: you lack access to a local Home Delivered Meal program, if you are unable to prepare a nutritious meal for yourself, or if you have a nutritional risk. You must also be able to receive and store the food safely upon delivery and have the ability to heat the meals on your own.
Once you are eligible for the program you order your meals and you will receive a box of  meals every other week. The delivery day is the same day each time. The food is packed in a cooler with ice and will remain at a safe temperature six to eight hours after it is delivered to your home. After you receive one order of meals then you call in your next order of meals off of their menu. If you do not reorder they will just resend the same order that you previously made, so there is no lapse in meals to the customer.
“Mom’s Meals” are a good alternative to healthy eating if you do not have access to home delivered meals or you are not able to prepare you own meals. If you are interested in more information on this program please call us at Fillmore County Senior Services (402-759-4922) to learn more about it.

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