Firefighter 1 Training, House Burn in Geneva

Signal photos by Greg Scellin

A total of 17 Firefighter 1 candidates from Friend, Cordova, Hickman and Geneva participated in a training certification course on Wed., April 24, in the southwestern edge of Geneva. The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office conducted the early-evening training.  Geneva Fire Chief Mike Grothe said each of the new firefighters would go into the house with a trainer and put out a small fire.  They would also demonstrate hose-handling skills on the outside.  He also noted this exercise is the culmination of almost two years of training.  The last four months, the candidates have been meeting twice a month. “Each one will show that they know how to handle a fire…to not get too excited and trust your training,” Grothe said.  “You need the confidence and know your fellow firefighters can count on you.”  At the conclusion of the training, the Chaney Farms-owned house was burnt to the ground.  The home was previously occupied by the Oscar Peterson and Ray Peterson families.

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